Monday, May 4, 2009

Hawkeye... our little Wolverine wannabee

Hawkeye was in the mood for a little movie magic on the weekend, so his family obliged and took him to see Wolverine. Nice!

He was a pretty good boy, but at one point in the movie he let out an appropriately timed hhoowwll much to the delight of all those in attendance.

Of course there are other things that must be done on weekends besides chilaxing at the movies... grocery shopping. Nice picture guys!

Some classroom comments from the gallery

These photo's are from Puppy class @ Waggin Tales on April 24th. I find it amazing how much these little guys already know.


A very good down stay.

It's just a little distracting...

The only picture that wasn't totally blurry of this little mover and shaker!

I'm looking... I'm looking...


You Whooo! I'm down here!!!

Where ya going? Where's my treat?


Down here! I'm doing a good sit stay!!!

I wonder if Auntie Marsha has any treats?